• No Broken Slides, EVER!
  • Robust Plate Mounted Casters for easy caster replacements!
  • Lifetime Guarantee on SHOPCraft products!

I have enjoyed working with you and your company in the past several years. Your focus on customer service and the quality of your product far exceeds your competitors. I can always count on you to expedite my orders effectively and efficiently and many times I received my order sooner than I expected.

– Bob V., Carolina CPL Co-Op, NC


The pan carts look absolutely great! Really appreciate Eric driving them all the way down here. I think that’s a first from any vendor we’ve ever dealt with! Really shows your guys’ commitment to your customers.

– Javier H., Udi's - Pinnacle Foods, CO


We’ve been purchasing Stainless Steel Double Racks from Schaumburg Specialties for over 15 years. Everything we’ve purchased has proven to be top quality and not once have we ever had an issue! These products are very durable and hold up to all the abuse we put them through in our day to day operations. The newest type of wheels they now carry and suggested we put on our racks are proving to last longer than the original ones we had. Recently we asked them to make a custom rack for a specific product we were making, and they not only made it exactly the way we wanted, but they were also able to get a number of them done in a short time, helping us to get our production running that much sooner. They’re very friendly and easy to work with. In the end, we believe you get what you pay for, and from Schaumburg Specialties, you get nothing but the highest quality products!

– Chris G., Talerico-Martin Bakery, IL


The carts we bought from Schaumburg Specialties are great. They are good sturdy carts that we use every day. The stack and nest ability is a great help in storing unused racks. When we expand further, we will buy more for sure!

– Glenn R., Glenn’s Market & Catering


We love your Knock-Down Bakery Racks. We have no trouble with them and don't worry, we will only buy from you!

– Janusz (John) J., Oak Mill Bakery, IL


Back in 2005, my frustration level with the quality of the aluminum transport racks that we were using in our facility led me to begin searching for another manufacturer that built a better rack. After speaking to a few other sources, I finally spoke to Charlie at Schaumburg Specialties. What immediately impressed me was that he would not let me place an order until he sent me a sample section of how the wheels were attached to the bottom of the racks and how everything was welded and constructed to make sure it would work for our situation. After receiving this sample a few days later it was immediately clear that these were the racks for us. The choice of materials and the quality of construction exceeded my expectations. I immediately placed my first order for racks and have been ordering my racks exclusively from Schaumburg Specialties ever since. After ordering over 800 racks from them over the last 10 years I wouldn't think of purchasing them from anyone else.

–Jason T., GM, Central Florida Donut Distribution Center, FL


Jeff, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your aluminum side load pan racks as well as your excellent customer service! Being in business since 1924 we have a lot of different racks in our bakery and I have found the last ones we will ever buy in yours. They are clean, very heavy duty and extremely consistent rack to rack, order to order. Thanks again and we look forward to our next shipment, keep up the good work!

– Michael C. Sr., Corropolese Bakery, PA


We have purchased SHOPCraft aluminum oven racks from Schaumburg Specialties and have found them to be very well built and extremely durable. We have been using these racks for years and, despite the constant use in and out of the ovens, they continue to hold up.

– David E.K., Enjoy Life Foods, IL


We are very pleased with the racks that we have purchased from your company over the years…don't recall…even a single issue with any of them…use them daily…all still very sturdy, shows how good the construction has been!

– Shawn B., Word of Life, Upstate NY


Thanks so much for getting the racks to me! They just disappeared (into production) as soon as they got here – they are really great. The only problem is that the wheels turn!!

– Ken J., Jarosch Bakery, IL


We started purchasing casters for our Oven Racks from Schaumburg Specialties in 2000 so we were aware of the SHOPCraft brand. We have been very pleased with the quality and durability of the Double Bay Racks we bought in 2011—they were built so well that no modifications have been needed as our processes have changed.

– Scott W., Baker Boy, ND


With the exception of a few scratches from everyday use, these racks are practically brand new after four years of use. As an additional bonus, they have saved us valuable floor space.

– Alexander F., Fantini Baking Co., MA


When asked if he would recommend SHOPCraft Colors to other people, Steve V. replied, "Yes, definitely. You can buy a cheaper rack anywhere else, but having a premium SHOPCraft rack with the anodized coating is well worth the money."

–Steve V., VandeWalle’s Candies, WI


Purchasing with Schaumburg Specialties was such a relief. Our business became more productive and more efficient with the help of their state of the art insulated rack covers. We are very fond of the level of professionalism and customer service when tailoring to our very specific business needs. Schaumburg Specialties was our first and best choice. I look forward to our continued business relationship and their top notch customer service in the future.

– Greg G., Servatii Pastry Shop, OH


We have been buying the $120 racks but they break easily. SHOPCraft bakery pan racks are our favorite ones to use. My people fight over our SHOPCraft racks when we need another rack during meal preparation.

– Jon E., Project Angel Heart, CO


I have used your aluminum donut basket racks and aluminum donut screen racks for more than 10 years. I'm very happy with the quality and as you know we have recommended you to many other CMLs in Florida. Thank you.

– Mike C., Plant Mgr., CFM&D, FL


Those racks are 'bleeping' good!

– Brian P., Building Manager, BA Foods, IL


Congratulations!! Keep doing the terrific job you all are doing. Your hardware is the BEST!

– Joe R., Annie's Bakery NC


I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know we are very happy with your company. This was the first time ordering and I won’t hesitate to order again. As a business manager we usually only get the bad news so I just wanted to let you know how happy I am. Thank you have a nice day.

– Mary T., D.Palmieri’s Bakery


Hi, my shipment was recently delivered, and the product looks great — just what I’ve been looking for.

– Andrew P., High School, UT