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Metal Punching

Metal Punching Services


At Schaumburg Specialties, we aim to provide a seamless experience for our clients, regardless of the type of project you hire us for. We are very serious about quality and compliance in every metal working project we take on. Using TRUMPF machinery, we are able to perform high speed CNC punching without compromising part accuracy. Our punching machinery utilizes fully automated sheet loading and offline programming, giving maximum material throughput. Thin sheets can typically be processed faster than laser cutting. From industrial utility carts and automotive carts to bakery racks, we can help bring your custom projects to life!

The additional benefits of our CNC punching services include:

  • Precise material handling that eliminates scratches, even on delicate materials

  • Our deburring tool removes sharp edges on punched parts before unloading

  • Tool integrity is maintained in-house with our TRUMPF tool grinding machine

  • Custom tooling enables punching of small forms, embossing, and louvers

  • Can process up to 0.25 inch thick sheet metal

Our CNC punching system is one of the most advanced and includes a variety of features which allows us to provide you with quality results. To receive the latest and most effective metal punching services, please call our team today at 800-834-8125 or contact us by filling out our form.