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Pet Food Processing Tables for Pet Food Factory in Chicago, IL

Solution for the flavor basting process

Schaumburg Specialties applied the knowledge of metal design, forming, and fabrication to develop pet food processing tables the would make everyone happy

Custom table for a food company
Custom food processing table

A Pet Food manufacture needed a way to streamline their basting process on pet food and to recapture the unused basting liquid. This pet food manufacture produces chew toys and other products for the pet care market. The product we were helping with is a rawhide bone made from animal hide and then shaped, rolled or tied into a bone or similar object.

Pet Food Factory

Solution for the flavor basting process

Chicago, IL

Schaumburtg Specialties manufactured tables with a drain in the bottom, where the excess material could be captured.

The use of these tables helped reduce the waste of basting liquid and helped in employee retention.

These objects then need to be basted, to give flavor, and this is done by dipping the toys into the basting liquid (which is the flavor) and then in another process dried. Initially, this basting was applied by dumping the toys into five-gallon pails and then transferring them several other pails to let the excess basting liquid drip off.

One of the results of this method was that it was very messy and the basting liquid which has a large amount of sugar in it, is very sticky. Needless to say, the employees doing this job resented having to do this and as a result, management initiated a rule that every employee had to take their turn at basting chew toys.

Schaumburg Specialties had done other business with this customer so when we were approached with the problem we were able to apply our knowledge of metal design, forming, and fabrication to develop a solution that would make everyone happy.

The solution to this problem was a table or custom sink with a pitched bottom to direct excess basting solution to a recapture container. A removable work surface or strainer was fit into the table to keep the product from sitting in the liquid solution allowing excess to drip off.

This table helped them to easily move the product through their system and make use of the liquid that used to spill on the floor and therefore be washed down the drain as waste. Schaumburg Specialties worked closely with the basting team and management to design a solution that helped reduce this waste of basting liquid and helped in employee retention.

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