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  • No Broken Slides, EVER!
  • Robust Plate Mounted Casters for easy caster replacements!
  • Lifetime Guarantee on SHOPCraft products!

1. Are your racks preassembled?

Yes, we supply fully assembled racks, so you don’t have to worry about time-consuming assembly when you get your delivery.That said, we do have a range of Knock-Down racks which ship unassembled if you would rather.

2. Are your racks made in the USA?

Yes, they have been for over 25 years, and always will be. We’re proud of manufacturing in the USA and supporting our jobs and industry!

3. Are your racks NSF approved?

Yes, we have a range of NSF racks, contact us for details. (800) 834-8125

4. Do you deliver to Texas/California/Washington/Maine, or…?

We ship to all areas of the USA on a daily basis.

5. Do you export?

We can export our products, either to you directly, or if you work with a freight forwarder, we are well used to this process.

6. Do you ship to Canada?

Absolutely! And are well experienced in providing the documentation needed to make the process simple for customers.

7. Do your racks go into an oven?

Yes, we supply oven racks. Be sure to tell us it’s for an oven and we’ll make sure you get the high-temperature casters you need.

8. Do your Racks go into a freezer?

Yes. It’s a common problem that rack wheel seizes up in a freezer if just normal grease is used.Be sure to tell us you are going to be using the racks in a freezer and we’ll make sure you get our special grease in the casters which will work well in the cold temperatures.

9. Can you manufacturer a custom rack or cart or unit that I need?

Totally. Special fabrication is a large part of our business and we look forward to working with you to get the exact product you need for your unique situation!

10. Do you design racks or products?

Yes, we have our own in-house design team and engineering department and can normally design the product you need for your unique situation

11. Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order value is just $250. However, if you are ordering less than 5 racks we sometimes need to charge a setup fee to cover the machine setups.

12. Do you offer discounts?

Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll make sure you get the best value racks on the planet!