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Special Fabrication

Custom Table for a Packing Operation

When a Nationwide Food Service organization needed custom made packing tables for their products, their first choice was Schaumburg Specialties.

The project involved the design and trials of the tables as welll as meeting their deadlines for production and the all important food safety regulations.

The chosen material was Stainless Steel, and several design features such as an adjustable hopper, braked casters and polished surfaces made this product a winner.

Built for a Robot

When a robot is loading and unloading the rack, you've got to be sure of the quality. That's why we've designed this rack, specifically to be used with a robotic system and stand the test of time, again and again and again!

Custom Wire Shelf Racks

A solution for a bakery who needed a wire grid the full width of the rack. Check out the racks and shelves in progress!

Dough Trough Express

An Illinois based bakery had a problem. They were opening a new location and needed a number of large custom Dough Troughs in a hurry.

Some phone calls and overtime later, right on time, 4 custom dough troughs, with 4 more following close behind, were manufactured and shipped to the new location. The result? Sucessful trials, opening times met, and a satisfied customer.

Do you have a special fabrication application you need, but don't know where to turn? Give us a call or request a quote!

Heavy-Duty Bakery Pan Carts

This cart was made for a customer who wanted a cart like one they already had, but more durable and heavy-duty. They have many sheet pans that are used on a daily basis in their commercial bakery, so it is important to have equipment that operates well every single day.

Aluminum Shelf Carts

Our customer needed custom aluminum carts to hold their boxes of fish product.

They needed a particular size to accomodate the boxes. Also, with the two shelf levels, the product was protected from crush weight limits.

The cart was being used in a clean environment, so we attached white polyolefin wheels to differentiate from other carts used for outdoors.

Enclosed Cabinet Rack

This is a fully enclosed stainless steel cabinet rack for 18”x26” sheet pans.

The cabinet has a 20-pan capacity with the pans spaced at 3” apart.

The swinging door has a latch to keep the door closed while the cabinet is in motion.

The casters are heavy duty to withstand the everyday travel inside and outside, over rough ground and smooth floors.

Each caster has a brake to hold the cabinet stationary when needed.

Van Rack for Cake Delivery

When our bakery customer needed tray racks for their delivery vans, they had a specific design in mind.

This particular aluminum van rack was made for a cake bakery so the shelf spacing is 6-1/4” to make room for cakes.

The shelves were configured in such a way that the pans on one side are end-load, but the pans on the other side are side-load.

This gives space for five full size sheet pans on one shelf level.

This rack has seven shelves, so they are able to put 35 pans of cakes on this rack.

Permanent pan stops keep the pans from falling off the rear of the rack and bungee cords are hooked at the front of the rack after the shelves are full to keep the pans from falling off the front of the rack while the van is in transit.

Work Top Pan Rack

This stainless steel half-height bun pan rack holds nine pans that are 21” x 26”.

The ends of each shelf are formed up 45° to keep the pans from sliding off of the rack when it is in motion.

It has a solid top to be used as a work surface.

We added corner bumpers at the base of the rack to absorb some of the shock of running into wall, etc., further protecting the product on the rack.

Aluminum Double Bay Rack on Skid

Our customer, a manufacturer of high-quality frozen hand-held snack food products, had us make these racks to their exact specifications.

The rack is used for storing empty pizza pans. When full, the rack can be lifted by fork lift onto pallet racking for storage away from the production area.

Aluminum Rack with Perforated Inclined Shelves for Loading Bags of Bread

When our customer, a full scale bakery that delivers fresh bread daily, all over the Midwest and services the entire nation with frozen, par- and fully-baked bread products, needed carts that fit their product, they turned to us for the exact specifications to get the job done.

The highly maneuverable shelf carts do 3 things: Transport 48 bags of 36” long “French bread” loaves from the bagging area right to the delivery truck loading area. Inclined 38” wide shelves support the product to prevent damage and the perforations prevent “sweating” especially in summer months. Each of the carts replace 3 smaller ones, yet are easy for one person to handle.

Aluminum Racks for Delivery Trucks

These racks are permanently installed in vans, which hold bread products securely during delivery.

Inclined, perforated shelves keep product from falling off the rack as well as prevent product from “sweating” especially during summer months.

Special Cart for Cheese Stick Pans

Our customer, a manufacturer of award winning, all natural cheese sticks, needed carts for their custom sized sheet pans, so they turned to Schaumburg Specialties for a design that met their needs.

These carts were made for custom sized pans that nest very tightly together. The pans were getting stacked in piles up to 48” high and weighed so much that the people weren’t able to move them. Our customer asked us to build a cart that would hold similar stacks of the customized pans, but would limit the piles to 16” in height so that the stacks would be easy and safe to move.

Stainless Steel Cart for Meat Tote Bins

These carts were made to the exact specifications given by our customer, a manufacturer of hand-held pizzas and gourmet sandwiches.

The carts hold plastic totes filled with meat on three shelf levels. The totes are notched on the bottom in two places that fit over the two cross bars on each level. This prevents the totes from sliding off the cart. The covers under the top and middle shelves prevent water and other liquid from dripping into the plastic tote below it.