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Commercial Oven Rack Accessories

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About Our Product

OPTIONS FOR OVEN RACKS--choose the best options for your Oven Racks.

All welded bakery racks can be built as oven racks. To get started:
  1.   Match your oven lift to a coupler below
  2.   Then add hi-temp casters that best suit your level of use.
  3.   Get high temp food grade grease to keep your wheels rolling.
  4.   When replacing casters, ask for hardware if yours is rusted out or unuseable.




In addition to these most common style lifts, we can adapt your oven rack for nearly any design lift you may have.



The original lift from Revent, also called the butterfly lift because of how it looks. The rack has one horizontal cross-tube at the top. At the center of this tube, and perpendicular to it, is a 1” round stub, welded to the tube, which centers the rack on the lift.




This is the more recent style lift from Revent. There is a pair of channels at each end of the rack, 2-1/4” High and 3” Long, standing 6” apart.




The top of the rack for Baxter lift ovens has two 1-1/2” high X 1” wide channels, which run 36” long on double racks and 18” long on single end-load racks. These channels stand 16” apart on the inside.




This lift is a hook which comes down from the top of the oven. A 2” dia. roller held between two vertical guides engages the lift.


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