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Custom Products For All Industries

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At Schaumburg Specialties, we specialize in commercial bakery racks that are high-quality, durable, and built to last. Whether your products are pies, pizzas, bread, or other pastries that your commercial bakery produces, we have the racks that you need to move more products and keep your operations running smoothly.

However, this is not all we do. Schaumburg Specialties has grown, developed, and expanded in recent years and we offer a ton of unique services that allow us to create whatever you need for your company. Our metal fabrication services, along with our other capabilities, allow us to create a huge variety of racks and other items for our clients. We have been able to complete a variety of custom projects for those in many different industries and we are happy to help you with yours.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the custom projects that we can help with. We are certainly capable of completing other projects as well, if you need a custom item created for your business, be sure to contact us! We never know exactly what we are capable of until a client gives us a project to complete. Let us know what you are looking for, we love a good challenge!

Custom Picking Items

Whether you own an online ecommerce store or a retail shop, you are likely to get orders from customers regularly. This means you need the best picking items, allowing you to put together customers orders faster and pick multiple orders at once. With the right equipment, picking orders or restocking shelves can be easier and more efficient.

We have created custom picking carts for a few different clients. These picking carts feature different aspects that make them work more efficiently for our clients. One of our custom picking cart designs features a ladder that allows you to reach the top shelves while collecting customers’ orders. This ladder picking cart can be customized to fit the size you need and the type of cart you want. Our other picking cart design varies based on your needs. Whether you need a cart the hold tubs or a cart with shelves, we can help build the right picking cart to fit your business’s needs.

Meat Industry Items

While we specialize in commercial bakery racks, we can also create custom racks and carts for those in the meat industry. We have created several custom items for the meat industry. One of the custom products we created was a meat cone cart. This unique cart can carry two meat cones with ease and is designed to be easy to clean and remain sanitary.

We have also created custom meat smoking racks, boxed beef trucks, meat processing racks, and meat tote carts for clients who needed specific carts or racks made for their businesses. Many of these meat racks and carts were created to help improve our client’s efficiency and their business. If you work in the meat industry and need custom racks or carts for part of your process, our team can help!

Delivery Racks

When you have to deliver your products on a regular basis, you want to make sure they are safe and secure in the back of the truck or van. We can help create racks that allow your products to make it from point A to point B without any issues. We have created several custom delivery racks for a few of our clients. For one of our clients, we created a rack that would fit perfectly in the back of the delivery van and prevent any products from sliding out the other end. These van racks also included hooks on the front that allowed for cords to be attached to keep products from falling out the front.

Our other delivery racks were built to be permanently installed in the delivery trucks. We were able to create inclined shelves to keep any product from falling off. We added perforated shelves to help solve another problem for the clients. When you need racks created for your delivery van or truck, our team can help!

Carts for Airlines

We have also created a few carts for aerospace and airline clients. We created custom transport carts for a client in the aerospace industry. We have created a few different designs for these transport carts, allowing our clients to get exactly what they needed. We also created catering carts for airline. These custom carts featured a cargo net on the front, to keep items from falling out during a flight.

If you are in the aerospace or airlines industry and need custom racks or carts, our team can create custom items for you, allowing your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Other Custom Designs

Along with these custom products, we have created a wide variety of other custom items for different industries. Some of the other custom projects we have completed include:

  • Oval tray racks
  • Boot drying racks
  • Cheese stick pan carts
  • Racks built for robots
  • Conveyor crossover platform
  • Dough cutting carts
  • Folding chair dolly

With our expanded capabilities and skill we are able to create just about anything for your business. Whether you need shelves, carts, racks, dollies, or anything else along those lines, we are able to help! While Schaumburg Specialties specializes in commercial bakery racks, we can create a number of different items that allow your business to run more smoothly. With our metal fabrication abilities, we can complete custom projects that fit your needs. Contact us to learn more and see if we can provide you with the items you need.