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How the FSMA Affects Your Bakery and Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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At Schaumburg Specialties, we spend our time making sure our bakery and commercial kitchen racks comply with food safety standards. The food service world was rocked in 2011 when the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law, giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate the way foods are grown, harvested, and processed. It is specifically the new regulations around the processing of food that affects those in the bakery and commercial foodservice businesses, and the FDA now has mandatory recall authority. All of these rules and regulations can be stressful for business owners, and trying to maintain compliance can be hard if you don’t fully understand all of the new legislation. Thankfully, Schaumburg Specialties would love to partner with you and your bakery or kitchen business to make sure that your racks and food storage are compliant and food-safe. Read on to learn more about the FSMA and how it affects your business.

How Does FSMA Affect Bakery Equipment?

When you are ready to purchase equipment for your new bakery or commercial kitchen, you might think that the manufacturer of that equipment will be responsible for any flaws or inadequacies that lead to food safety issues. However, according to Joe Stout from design, although not regulated at the equipment manufacturer (O.E.M) level by the F.D.A., is clearly the responsibility of the food processor being regulated. Think of it this way: If and when things go bad on a given Friday afternoon, Mr. Stout observed, the F.D.A. will not pursue the O.E.M. if an issue is the result of poor equipment design. Instead, it will look to the processor who decided to purchase equipment that was not suitable or, worse yet, not cleanable.

So you, as the purchaser of bakery racks and other equipment, are responsible to buy products that are well-designed and can be cleaned easily and kept sanitary. How do you know if your racks are going to live up to new, more stringent standards? Schaumburg Specialties is committed to helping you understand what standards your racks must live up to, and only producing kitchen equipment that can be cleaned and sanitized. Stout says in another article: “Let’s be real—if you are in the food business, you are in the sanitation business. If you think differently, you may want to explore other career options.” Whether you are running a restaurant, a bakery, or any other foodservice business, you need to be concerned with how your food is being stored, transported, and held in the oven or the refrigerator. Part of ensuring the proper sanitation in a food service setting is to have “clean equipment design” that allows access to observe, inspect, clean, and reach in for sampling. If you can’t reach something, you can’t clean it, and this goes for all of the parts of a bakery rack as well. Some of the ways that racks can be made safer is through an all-welded construction where there are no rivets, nuts, or bolts, or seams sealed with food-grade silicone. So if you have equipment that you use for food storage or transportation, you need to take FSMA seriously.

A core part of any food service business is the surfaces on which food products are prepared, stored, transported, and cleaned. Schaumburg Specialties is proud to supply many racks, pans, ovens, and pan washers that keep your business safe and in compliance. We understand how FSMA affects your bakery racks, and we would love to advise you on any purchases for your commercial kitchen or restaurant—call us today to get started! Don’t neglect your racks and equipment when you are analyzing the safety of your food service facility, and don’t let the rules and regulations overwhelm you. Schaumburg Specialties can be your trusted partner in making your food service facility meet FSMA standards. We have created custom bakery racks and tables for business to meet their individual needs while staying compliant with food safety regulations. It is crucial to understand the FSMA and to stay in compliance with the rules and regulations regarding the equipment you are using, and Schaumburg Specialties would love to help!