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How High Temp Oven Rack Casters Can Help!

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Equipment in a commercial bakery faces unique conditions not found in other commercial kitchens. One of the unique pieces of equipment that is rarely thought about in other commercial food preparation areas are the casters and the wheels on rolling baking and storage racks. In large scale bakeries, oven racks will be wheeled from the preparation area directly into the oven or even into a chiller. Large scale mixing bowls can hold the dough for more than 1000 loaves of bread, which can be very heavy, and then is wheeled from area to area as it goes through the production line. For this reason, standard wheels and castors that are meant to be used in a standard bakery may not hold up to the job.

Bakery Heat

In a typical bakery, racks are wheeled directly from the proofing area where dough has been allowed to rest and rise into the ovens, which are at several hundred degrees. Once baking is complete, often the racks will be wheeled out to a cooling or display area where all the parts on the rack cool back down to room temperature with the bread. This continual baking of equipment can easily degrade parts that will compromise its load bearing capacity and the ability for the wheels to roll smoothly. Continually replacing parts can be very costly. All of the parts of oven racks must be heat tolerant including the wheels, treads, bearings, hardware,and even the grease used to internally lubricate rollers and bearings.

High Temperature Oven Rack Casters

High temp oven rack casters can help solve these bakery problems! High temperature wheels and casters are specially made to withstand the heat of bakery ovens and autoclaves and very low temperatures such as meat freezers. When purchasing high temperature oven rack casters, it is important to pay close attention the temperature ratings as well as whether they are rated for continuous or intermittent heat exposure, as this greatly influences how you can bake with them. Attention should also be paid to the load bearing capacity as 100 loaves of bread can be quite heavy!

Schaumburg Specialties

Schaumburg Specialties is here to help with all your commercial bakery needs. Our high temperature oven rack casters are made from zinc-plated steel and uses a large ball bearing raceway that provides for longer life and a higher load bearing capacity. It comes standard with an epoxy resin wheel, which can continuously withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees and intermittent temperatures of 525 degrees. All of our casters have high temperature, food-grade grease that is used in the swivel raceways and ball bearings to help promote the lifespan and function of the product.

For your heating and cooling needs, we also offer our cold and heat wheel with caster. This wheel is cushioned with rubber over the stainless steel wheels for a cushioned, quiet ride, increased mobility, and premium floor protection. They are able to withstand continuous temperatures as low as -40 to as high as 400. They are able to be used intermittently in temperatures up to 425. The load bearing capacity for these high temp oven rack casters is 250 pounds per caster.

If your bakery is your livelihood, don’t cut corners to save on up-front costs, as it could end up costing you more in the long run. Investing in quality high temperature oven rack casters will allow your bakery to continue operations smoothly. Contact us at Schaumburg Specialties for all your commercial bakery needs. We look forward to working with you!