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What Makes Our Commercial Bakery Racks Different

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Whether you own a commercial bakery, a commercial kitchen, a catering business, or any other business in the food industry, you know that high-quality baking racks are a must. It is likely that you have dealt with faulty racks that leave you frustrated and may cause you more trouble than they are worth.When you shop Schaumburg Specialties for commercial racks, you can expect the highest quality racks that are built to last. There are many things that make our baking racks durable and better than other brands. In this blog, we are going to talk about what makes our racks different and why you should choose Schaumburg Specialties. Read on to learn more!

No Product Loss

Some commercial racks do not handle normal wear and tear well. The castes may begin to stick, which can make transporting your product a challenge. This could lead to tipped racks which cause a loss of product. Other racks may also need a ton of maintenance and without the maintenance, they may fall apart. When racks are not in tip-top condition, they are more likely to break down, fall apart, and cause issues with your business. When your racks are unreliable, you could see a loss of product, which can set your business back.

Our racks are built strong and we use all-welded construction. This makes our racks stronger, more durable, and last longer. You will be able to enjoy the efficiency of these racks year after year without having to worry about losing your product.

Low Maintenance

With many commercial bakery or kitchen racks, there is a lot of maintenance that is needed in order to keep your racks in the best condition possible. Schaumburg Specialties racks are built better and need less maintenance than other racks brands. Less maintenance means less money and time wasted.

Our all-welded construction means that there are fewer nuts and bolts to worry about and need to constantly keep an eye on. You will not have to worry about these pieces becoming loose and causing problems to your racks, which means more time is spent making your product. The only thing that is not welded to our racks are the casters, but they are fastened with stainless steel fasteners, which keeps them strong and sturdy. When you shop Schaumburg Specialties, you will be able to focus more on your business and the production of your baked goods and worry less on your rack maintenance.

Fewer Health Problems

Some racks are made with open tube construction, which can cause a problem when it comes to health regulations. Food, grime, and other debris can collect in these open tubes and cause health concerns. Our racks are built with closed tubing, including the ends. This ensures that food and other grime does not collect in these areas, which will help your commercial kitchen pass health inspections. Passing inspections right away can help keep your bakery or kitchen in business and continuing to produce your goods.

Better For Employees

You want to keep your employees safe and efficient. When you have faulty racks in your commercial kitchen or bakery that are hard to use or constantly causing your employees problems, the morale is likely to drop drastically. Employees will get frustrated when they can’t transport goods with ease.

Racks that are poorly constructed can also be dangerous to employees. When you have faulty racks, they have the potential of falling over or breaking, which could cause injury to your employees. You want to avoid these problems as much as possible. Our racks are built with high-quality materials and constructed in a way that will help keep your employees safe, allowing them to have an easier time completing their job.

These are a few of the many reasons why our commercial bakery and kitchen racks are a better choice for your business. We make our racks to last longer and work better. Our durable and high-quality racks can help improve your business and minimize the problems you face when transporting, storing, or baking your goods.

Be sure to shop Schaumburg Specialties for the highest quality commercial racks you need for your bakery, kitchen, catering company, or any other food industry business. You can even request a custom product to fit your specific needs! Contact us today to learn more.