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Broken Bakery Racks Can Leave You With Less Dough!

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As any busy commercial bakery owner knows, to deliver the quality baked goods that your customers want you need all of your equipment to be working perfectly. That goes for your bakery racks as well, and if your racks are not performing well it can cause your business to suffer. Don’t be caught this holiday season with racks that aren’t helping you crank out fresh, delicious bakery items—choose Schaumburg Specialties and see how quality bakery racks can help your business! Here are some of the main ways that broken racks can negatively affect your bakery business.

Reduced Production Time

If your racks are broken, where are all of your products going to go to be baked, or to cool once they come out of the oven? A broken bakery rack can hinder your production time, and during the holidays you can’t afford anything that would hold back your ability to make the extra products that your customers want! Just two broken slides on a bakery rack could mean a 10 percent production capacity loss, and and this is bad news leading up to Christmas! At Schaumburg Specialties, we guarantee that our racks will have no broken slides, and this is the kind of guarantee you need going into the holiday season!

Assembly Time

Want to know what can really slow down your production? Ordering your racks to get the job done fast and then having to take so much time to assemble them! With other companies you may get your racks in pieces, but with Schaumburg Specialties our racks are fully assembled, welded, and ready to use! Don’t waste precious time trying to assemble your racks before a busy holiday season—choose our ready-to-use bakery racks!


Those racks that needed to be assembled? They might not have the tube ends welded shut, as is the case with many racks that are shipped disassembled, and this can pose a sanitation issue. Food, debris, and dirt can get inside the non-welded ends, and this can be a breeding ground for bacteria and pose a health and safety risk for your customers. With stricter standards for sanitation in the foodservice world, you want to make sure that your racks have the ability to be completely cleaned and sterilized.


Do you want to spend your time doing maintenance on your bakery racks? Of course not! You want a product that is easy to use, easy to clean, and that stands up to the demands of a busy commercial bakery. The high quality of our racks means less time doing maintenance and more time doing what you do best—baking up delicious items that your customers love! Maintenance equals not just downtime, but also extra labor costs, and when you are trying to grow your baker business you need equipment that works as hard as you do!


You can’t bake on racks you don’t have! Our super fast shipping ensures that you get the racks you need before the busy holiday season is upon you! Our racks can be shipped on the same day they are ordered, and you can get your bakery production ramped up in no time! With Christmas coming, if you need racks, you need them FAST! Choose Schaumburg Specialties for the highest quality racks that we get to you quickly so you can get to baking.

If you are a commercial bakery, you need great quality baking racks. Broken racks could be costing your business money, minimizing your production, and keeping you from making this Christmas your best bakery season yet. If you want to succeed in the bakery business, you need high quality equipment! Choose bakery racks from Schaumburg Specialties and you will be choosing quality racks that won’t break!